You deserve to look and feel good in your clerical garments.  The pressures of the various forms of ministry you do demand enough that not only should your clothes look and feel good, but they should make you feel beautiful, stylish, comfortable and strong.  I’ve gone into many a meeting needing courage, and very often I have worn clothing, or – let’s be honest – snazzy underwear or red lipstick to give me strength.

I want these clothes to give you strength and power while feeling cared for, loved, worthy and enough.  Each garment I make has a pattern made specifically for you with your input.  I offer suggestions for styles, but if you want something different, ask.  If you have parts of your body you want to show off or downplay, let me know, and I can help you find the perfect style that will help you feel unselfconscious and beautiful.  When you place an order I will write you before I start making to make sure what you will receive is what you really want.  These are garments for you.

I invite you to look at the designs page and gallery then move over to the ordering page to start the conversation.  Welcome.

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