Well, hello there. Welcome.

And so it begins.  Life doesn’t go as planned, and so now I am beginning a new adventure in something I’ve been doing since I was five years old.  I even have true professional experience in this as I worked in my college’s costume shop for four years.  My crowing achievement arguably could be helping make a dress for Danai Gurira, but I was quite fond of the lavender and pink cavalier hat as well as smearing “blood” on aprons for butchers.  Since then I also had a very extended romance with Renaissance clothing, and am glad to be free of testing hide glue on fabric. I realize that I’m geeking out here.  My apologies.   I tend to do this sometimes.

In any case, in ministry circles we talk a lot about “call.”  Were you called to this or that capacity or place?  What is your call story?  Yeah, I don’t know what to do with that language anymore.  It speaks of privilege and choice, which most of humanity has not been afforded, well, ever.  I’ve had some fun prayer time about this.  So my education and experience in ministry and higher education is turning into my purpose of simply helping take care of my family.  And my oldest and probably most practiced skills find me here.  I fought creating for profit for a long time because I thought I would be crushed by the lack of freedom in doing whatever I wanted, but I am discovering that I can be creative with you and help you feel prepared to go out and serve.  I would love to sew for you and help you feel good and professional in what you wear.  Drop me a line, and let’s create together.



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