Beginning at the beginning, my garments are primarily women’s clothing.  Considering that I especially am interested in helping those with different bodies, I would consider helping men who normally have great difficulty getting the right fit, but I am not currently set up for that.  Also, unless it is a special request, all garments are made out of knit fabric with good stretch.  I want you to be comfortable and not worry about your clothing bunching or pulling or tugging.  The premise behind these designs is that I want you to feel comfortable and confident.

I offer you basic designs to piece together, and beyond that, well, let me know what you imagine that we might make happen.  Here’s a flow through the decision-making process:

  1. Do you want a shirt or dress?
  2. Do you wear a full-collar or tabbed insert, or would you like one that does both?
  3. What type of sleeves would you like?
  4. How do you want the bottom of your dress or shirt to look?
  5. What fabric would you like to use?
  6. Do you need a maternity and/or nursing option?

And then there are other questions you might want to consider.

  1. What modifications do I need for shape, medical, or appearance reasons?
  2. Do I want a fabric that is not offered?
  3. Do I want some design that is not currently offered?

The first questions are basic and needed for me to make a garment.  The last three questions are what make garments from my sewing machine custom.  If you need a modification for your particular shape, disability, or other consideration like a special pocket for a medical device, I will not charge extra for these.  If you want a different fabric or pattern change I will charge according to what additional costs in sourcing or creating the pattern there may be.

Here are the shapes from which to order:



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