Ordering works a bit differently here.  I have two forms for you to fill out.  The first is for the actual garment you are ordering, and the second is for your measurements.  I’ll need a new form for each new garment you are ordering, but unless you have a size change you only need to fill out the measurement form once.  Photos of the different garment options and measuring directions are on the forms.  And filling out a form is not necessarily committing to an order, but it is starting the conversation about what you want and how I can do that for you.

Shirt and Dress Order Form

Shirt and Dress Measurement Form

Ruth/Crop Top order and Measurement Form

Pricing here works a little differently.  Unless you want specially ordered fabric or a new pattern, I have three prices with shipping within the United States included.

Clerical Shirt: $85

Clerical Dress: $130

Ruth/Crop Top: $65

I do not believe that your body’s specifics should cost more.  All sizes and adjustments for physical and medical accommodations are included in this price.  Shipping and handling is included unless you live internationally in which case you would need to cover the difference.

Once you place your order I will confirm with you that I understand everything correctly and make sure any special measurements, accommodations and styles are understood.  You will not be charged until after this consultation.  Payments will be primarily made through sending you a PayPal invoice, but if you need a separate invoice to turn in or another mode of payment please let me know.

If the garment sent to you does not fit you correctly, contact me right away and we will work on fixing it.  This is meant to be something just right for you.

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